​​​Ms Cynthia opened her first professional piercing studio, The Recovery Room, in 1993. She was primarily self taught until 1993 when the internet connected body modification artists from around the world. She, along with the M in CM Hurt, Mark, opened the first CM Hurt in a one room studio with an autoclave and a few pieces of Gauntlet jewelry. CM Hurt has grown and improved with the times. 

We are always current with training in Cross Contamination Control, First-Aid/CPR and receive annual training at several professional organizations. Twenty three years experience and continual training bring you  clean, quality, precise Body Art and Adornment.

Our state of the art studio is super clean. We use a Statim sterilization system, to ensure your health. All items are sterilized to ensure your health. The studio is spacious, beautifully decorated and encourages a peaceful, relaxing, painless experience. 

We stock an amazing selection of quality jewelry. We carry only implant grade body jewelry for initial piercings from some of the most well known American manufacturers like Industrial Strength, Anatometal, BVLA, Body Gems, Maya and more. Quality jewelry heals faster and lessens the possibilities of problems. All of our threaded jewelry is internally threaded because it's just better.

Our aftercare kit comes with each piercing and we believe that proper aftercare is crucial to quick, problem free healing.

We care about you and we strive to provide you with the best of everything.

So stop in and visit Cynthia, Elise, and Megan!