Orange County, CA                                         Tattoo, Piercing, Branding, Scarification, Permanent Cosmetics, Tattoo Removal

At CM Hurt, work is done by appointment only, allowing one on one, personal attention to you and your body art. 
That and the fact that I work alone, makes it necessary.

The studio is clean, spacious and has a separate reception area, separate fully enclosed tattoo and piercing rooms, enclosed sterilization room, kitchen area, rest room and teaching area.   

Hospital Standards are practiced to ensure you of the cleanest and safest possible environment.
One needle use is ALWAYS adhered to as well as strict guidelines are followed to prevent possible cross contamination. This studio is CLEAN.

I hold current certifications in HeartSaver/CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens Training as well as training in Cross Contamination Control. I am serious about keeping it clean and keeping you healthy.

As a member of several professional organizations, I am obligated to maintain the best standards and to continue my education in the field of Body Art:

Alliance of Professional Tattooists

Association of Professional Piercers

The Society of Professional Cosmetic Professionals

The goal is to enhance your unique body artistically, while giving you the best possible work and service ,
 all at a decent and fair price.

Please feel free to browse the sample galleries on line. They are a very small portion of the great body of art that has been accomplished in several mediums over the past 15 years.

When you are ready to discuss your ideas, look at artwork in person or make an appointment, either email or call to schedule your free consultation. I truly look forward to seeing you!                                                                                                                     (714) 537-2269


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